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How do I sign up for electricity service with 4Change Energy?
It's easy! Go to our Plans and Pricing page, compare our low electricity rates and plan lengths, and then choose your plan.

How fast can I get electricity service?
Today. In most cases, we can setup your electricity service for the same day. We’ll relay your request for power to your local TDU immediately, and they may or may not apply a priority fee for same-day service. Requests placed after 2 pm are often handled the next day, excluding Sundays.

What electricity plans are available in my area?
We offer several fixed, low-rate term plans and flexible month-to-month plans throughout Texas. Check out our Plans and Pricing for specific electricity plans in your city.

Why do Texas electricity rates vary by city?
Electricity rates can vary by zip code, but the difference is usually small. The TDU fees, which are determined by your local utility, are where you see the largest difference across cities. At 4Change Energy, we strive to give you the best possible pricing for your area. Visit our Plans and Pricing to get started.

Which electricity plan is best for me?
While everyone’s situation is different, we typically recommend a 12 month plan to customers planning to stay in Texas. The 12 month fixed rate plan offers price stability for an entire year, and saves you the time you would have spent chasing energy prices. Plus, if you move we’ll move your service as well.

If you need something shorter—just for the summer or servicing rental properties—our month-to-month electricity plan is also available.

How do I switch to 4Change Energy from my current provider?
It’s simple. Go to the Plans and Pricing page, find a low-rate plan, and sign up. You don’t even have to contact your old electricity provider—we’ll handle everything for you.

Why don't you recognize my address during enrollment?
You may have typed your address in a different format than we have saved online. To find your address, begin typing it and select it from the dropdown menu to continue.

Still can’t find it? It’s possible that your address is new construction and hasn’t been loaded into the statewide system yet OR we may not serve your area at this time. Feel free to call us at (855) 784-2426 (Mon-Fri 7am-8am, Sat 8am-5pm CST) if you need help enrolling or to confirm your service area.

My zip code falls in two TDUs. How do I know which one is right?
Since some zip codes fall into two TDUs, you may need to enter your full address in the zip code finder on the home page to find rates for your specific address.

Why do you ask for my driver's license and Social Security numbers?
We have a strict privacy policy and won't ask for any personal information we don’t need. We only ask for this information once—during enrollment—to check your utility payment data history to determine if a deposit is needed, and don’t store or view it.

Can I still get electricity service from 4Change Energy if my credit history isn’t ideal?
We only check your utility payment history. Even if your utility payment history isn’t ideal, we may still be able to serve you by assessing a one-time refundable deposit. You’ll get your deposit back—with interest—after 12 months of timely consecutive payments or upon leaving us with good payment history. See your TOSA for more details.

Why was I assessed a deposit?
We do a basic utility payment history check and we receive a pass or fail notification from the credit bureau. If you were assessed a deposit, there’s no need to worry. Your deposit is fully refundable—with interest—after 12 months of timely consecutive payments.

Keep in mind that your deposit does not count as a pre-payment and may not be used toward future monthly 4Change Energy electricity bills.

Do I get my deposit back?
In most cases, yes! You will get your deposit back—with interest—as provided below.

  • If you stay with us for at least 12 months and make timely consecutive payments, we’ll apply the entire deposit—plus interest—as a credit to your account.
  • If you leave us within 12 months and made timely consecutive payments, we’ll use your deposit to cover your outstanding balance and refund the rest.

Is it possible to waive my deposit?
Generally speaking, no. For certain customers, yes. Here’s a snippet from our Terms of Service Agreement (TOSA) specifically identifying customers entitled to a waiver of a deposit assessed at enrollment:

You may avoid paying a deposit if (1) you submit a payment history letter from your previous electric service provider confirming two years of service and your positive payment record for 12 consecutive months, (2) you have a satisfactory credit rating, (3) you are at least 65 years of age and do not have a delinquent balance with your current electric service provider, (4) you submit proof that you are medically indigent, or (5) you have been a victim of family violence and can provide a certification letter by the Texas Council on Family Violence. Please contact us if you believe you may be eligible for one of these options.

If you establish satisfactory credit with us by making timely payments for 12 consecutive months, then we will apply the deposit plus accrued interest to your account. If you do not establish satisfactory credit with us during the time you receive service from us, then we will apply the deposit plus accrued interest against the outstanding balance on your final bill. We will bill you for any remaining balance and the bill will be due upon receipt. We will refund any credit balance to you or transfer the credit balance to your new REP, at your request and with your new REP’s consent.

Can I split my deposit into more than one payment?
Not in most cases. However, qualifying low-income customers are eligible to pay deposits over two equal installments.

What if I don't pay my deposit?
If you have been assessed a deposit and opt not to pay it, you are not eligible for service with 4Change Energy.

What if my billing address is different from my service address?
During enrollment, you can add separate service and billing addresses. This will not affect your bills, which will still be sent to your email address on file.

Can I get electricity at more than one address?
Yes! Log in to your account, click Manage My Service, and then click Add Another Home. You’ll enroll your new address the same way you enrolled the first one.

What is a secondary account holder?
A secondary account holder is someone you authorize to act on your behalf for decisions regarding your account with us. You do not have to add one if you do not want to. A secondary account holder can perform all functions that the primary account holder can perform except for adding or deleting secondary account holders.

Can I transfer my account to someone else?
No. You cannot transfer your account to another person, even if they are already a secondary account holder.

What is a move-in fee?
We won’t charge you a fee to move-in. The Public Utility Commission (PUC) allows your TDU to charge a connection fee for move-ins. To consolidate what you owe at enrollment, we add the TDU’s fee to your first bill from us.

What is a priority move-in fee?
We won’t charge you a fee to move-in. By selecting same-day or next-day service, the Public Utility Commission (PUC) allows your TDU to charge a connection fee for priority move-ins. To consolidate what you owe at enrollment, we add the TDU’s fee to your first bill from us.

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